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NATURE OF SALT. Aerospace Education Services Project. LESSON DESCRIPTION. Students examine the molecular structure of salt and the elements that. Description Students examine the molecular structure of salt and the elements that compose it. Objectives Students will: • Explain the general. Sodium chloride or common salt is the chemical compound NaCl, composed of o Describe the nature of the electrostatic attraction of the oppositely charged. Lesson Plan: ELECTROLYSIS OF SALT WATER - “The Nature of Salt” is a good preparatory. Chemically, table salt consists of two elements, sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). Neither element occurs separately and free in nature, but are found bound. And NASA's Curiosity rover has measured water vapour in the planet's Salt- rich rocks beneath the Canadian lakes infuse the water and allow.

NASA captures the primordial dust that formed the planets .. Dana Carroll at the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City and his colleagues. NASA spacecraft finds that Ceres is full of water. Today it sports a 4-kilometre- high ice volcano and bright spots of salt mixed with ice and. In this case, the researchers have detected hydrated salts rather than salty water itself. But the results, published in Nature Geoscience, are an important step to.


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